With the cool weather coming up, you might like to swap out your Bay Breeze and Cuba Libre for drinks that are more suited to cooler weather. In some cases, you will still use the same base alcohols (gin, rye, vodka, rum, etc.) that are popular with summer cocktails. But in other cases, you will need to head to the liquor store and pick up some new liqueurs (amaretto, Kahlua, etc.). Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Brandy Alexander

This is a rich drink that is perfect for the winter. It's made of just three ingredients. The first one, of course, is brandy. Then you add crème de cacao and also fresh cream. The ratio is 1-1-1. You mix the ingredients in a shaker with ice, and then strain it into a cocktail glass. Most people then garnish the drink with a small dusting of nutmeg. It's a delicious drink, and perfect for the cooler weather. The heavy cream and crème de cacao are not something that you'd want on a hot summer day but rather something nice for cooler weather.


If you aren't a fan of cream in your cocktails, then you might like this drink. A Manhattan is made by mixing rye whisky and sweet vermouth and then adding touch of bitters. The ratio is 2 parts Rye and 1 part Vermouth. The drink is served in a cocktail glass and is normally garnished with a cherry.

Toasted Almond

We're back in the land of creamy cocktails with this favorite. It's made with three ingredients: amaretto, Kahlua, and fresh cream. You should mix the ingredients in a shaker and strain it, though some people also serve it in a tumbler glass with ice. The ratio is 2-2-2. The drink gets its name because amaretto is an almond flavored liqueur.

Irish Coffee

An Irish coffee is made with black coffee, Irish whiskey, and heavy cream (sometimes slightly whipped). You can choose any Irish whiskey when you're at the liquor store: Jameson, Tullamore Dew, or Powers. You want to use an unflavored coffee, but it can be any roast you like. The whiskey and black coffee are poured into a tall glass mug and then the heavy cream is put on top. The ratio is 2 parts whiskey and 4 parts coffee. You don't want the cream to mix into the drink. The idea is to have a visual separation with the dark, black bottom and the white top.

Keep these recipes in mind next time you visit a liquor store like Universal Discount Package Store.