Customized bottles of wine and champagne are great gifts for almost every occasion. Most vendors offer several types of wines and champagnes in various bottles so you can get a gift that will be welcomed with dinner or appetizers when you first gift it and then remain as a beautiful keepsake for years after. The following events are three times when you should definitely choose an engraved bottle of wine or champagne for your recipient.


When a friend or family member purchases a house—especially their first house—it is a momentous occasion. A bottle of wine or champagne can be engraved with the recipient's name and the date of their home purchase. This will give them a tangible reminder of the day they moved into their home and began a new chapter in life.

Weddings and Engagement Parties

When someone gets married, they usually have a gift registry set up somewhere. Some couples register at several stores. You can get the tired and overdone set of towels, a set of kitchen cutlery, or a toaster oven. Or, you can think outside the box and order an engraved bottle of wine or champagne. The couples' names, along with their wedding date, can be engraved so they will have a beautiful display piece to show off that has all the details of the day they legally began their "happily ever after."

Stays with Friends or Family

In times gone by, houseguests were expected to bring a gift for the host. This tradition has largely fallen by the wayside, but many people still see this as good manners. If you are visiting a friend or family member and staying in their home, you should bring some type of gift to say "thank you." This is especially true if it is the first time you are visiting. A bottle of champagne or wine engraved with a message of thanks, the hosts' names, and the date is a lovely gift.

It is important to know your recipient before your purchase this type of gift. Most vendors that offer these gifts also offer customized bottles of sparkling cider or juice for those friends and family members that would welcome an engraved bottle with a heartfelt message but can't have or don't want alcohol for whatever reason. When you are choosing between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, keep your recipient's personal preferences and needs in mind so you can gift the perfect bottle to them for any occasion. And watch for sales: most engraved wine and champagne companies online offer frequent sales where engraved wine and champagne bottles are over half-off the retail price. Check out companies like MORENO BHLV so you can find a personalized bottle for the next special occasion you are involved in.